Delivering an exceptional experience to you and your group is our top priority.
“These trips started out as a way to travel with friends and play golf… They have evolved into lifetime memories and an annual tradition of fraternity and brotherhood!”
Over the past 7 years, our group of 20 working professionals has leveraged White Glove and they have delivered flawlessly. No matter if it’s the challenging logistics and weather Bandon Dunes can present or the overwhelming options Palm Springs presents...the WG team had everything dialed in for our group.
Richard S.
White Glove Golf’s attention to detail is just incredible. They curated a golf experience for my buddies that we could have never pulled off on our own. I’m never planning another trip without them
Benjamin S.
Using White Glove Golf to plan our golf trips has become a yearly ritual due to their expertise and phenomenal customer service. The White Glove team is with you every step of the way, as they work diligently to create memorable golf experiences that will have you raving to all your friends and family.
Chris E.
Each year I look forward to one specific golf event. If we had to plan it ourselves, that trip would never happen. Once we agree on a date that works out, White Glove Golf comes in and paves the way. Amazing competition with great venues, various games and formats, incredible food and beverage, and top notch accommodations. I highly encourage you to optimize your time with friends by having WGG coordinate your next golf event.
Jonathan B.
To say our group looks forward to this annual golf trip would be a HUGE understatement. We show up and everything is taken care of: courses, game formats, logistics, accommodation, and even custom swag. The attention to detail and ability to adapt to the demands of our group is one of the key reasons we use WGG. Take my word for it and let WGG plan your next golf trip. You will not regret your decision.
Aznan K.
For 6 years now, our group has leaned on White Glove Golf for bucket list trips. Extremely responsive and eager to accommodate. Every detail organized to perfection, allowing us to focus on spending quality time with each other and not on logistics. All I have to do is show up and enjoy the time with my buddies. Never thought coordinating tee times, meals & travel for 20 people would be so simple, but with WGG it has been just that! Amazing!
Seth B.
GAME CHANGER! The only thing White Glove can’t help is fix your slice. As the name suggests, their attention to detail is unparalleled. They have been extremely professional, responsive and created a unique and memorable experience for our group, 16+ working professionals, over the last 6-7 years. Look no further if you want a hassle free, fun golf event.
Anoop A
Golf is at its best when you're out on the back nine surrounded by nature, shaping shots through beautiful landscape and sharing the experience with good friends. It takes some effort to get out there, but once you do it's magic. White Glove Golf can help you get there.
Matt B.
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